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Your Visit to TFF

TFF 2023 is taking place in the heart of Tampere at Finlayson Area. Enter through the “Siperia” entrance and follow the signs to where our festival headquarters are located. Address: Satakunnankatu 18.

For festival passes and concert tickets:


Main venue (siperia entrance)

Finlayson Area

This is where our main desk and venues are located. Purchase of tickets and passes, general information and exhibitions can be found here, as well as events such as the competitions, masterclasses and concerts. 

Workshops / Concerts

Himmelblau Gallery

Combining art and music with Malla Vivolin’s Dreamscapes Recital and beatboxing, jazz and Latin Improvisations Workshop by Latin Grammy Giovanni Pérez.

Workshops / Lectures

Werstas Auditorium

Get inspired as you learn more about the flute through our different classes given by Music Therapist Anni Ranta, modern music specialist Malla Vivolin, baroque music specialist Ilkka Eronen and flute pedagogue Jaana Laasonen.


TAMK Satamakatu Hall

Our weekend dedicated to the youth is taking place just 15 minutes walking distance from our main venue, Finlayson Area. Workshops given by Sibelius Academy Youth Department teachers and junior and youth masterclasses take place here.

Movie Screenings


Two Karelian based films will be shown at this year’s festival in support of Finnish culture and its heritage. “Veneh” will feature Johanna Kärkkäinen performing Karelian folk songs and “Lindu” Irish flutist Robert Tobin.


Cultural House Laikku

Our kids program offers an exciting concert and workshop dedicated to the theme of environment. Kids will enjoy listening to Ruska Duo and Veera Degerhold before attending a workshop where they’ll get to make instruments from recycled materials.