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Beatriz Macías

Founder & Artistic Director

Hi! My name is Beatriz and I’m a Mexican-American flutist and singer living in Finland! Something I love about music is that it has no borders, and because of that I’ve been able to enjoy a career that has taken me around the world! I believe in the importance of building people up and encouraging them to become their best, which is why from a small idea created in 2019 grew what is now TFF, a festival that aims to support and empower a new generation of flutists around the world! When not creating new things, I enjoy the atmosphere of my old wooden Finnish home and spending time with family and friends. 

Alexis Roman

Program Chair

Bonjour! My name is Alexis, I’m a French flutist living and working in Finland for 11 years now! I am currently the principal flutist of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. I have been a TFF team member since the creation of the festival in 2020. The beauty of music is that it connects people from all over the world, regardless of nationality, culture, or identity, just like our festival here in Tampere! When I’m not enjoying my musical life in Finland, you can find me on my favorite islands: Groix and Japan!

Robert Tobin

Dia dhuit! My name is Robert and I am a flutist based in Helsinki, Finland but originally from Ireland. I work in many fields from orchestral playing, chamber music, Irish traditional folk music to film. I joined the TFF team in 2022 and work on the artistic team. When not playing music I can be found hunting in an antique shop or relaxing over a coffee.


Ciao! My name is Rebecca and I’m a flutist and voice-over artist from Turin! I’m passionate about performing arts and accepting new challenges is my daily life! As a flutist I feel most at home in the orchestra and I love chamber music. I work for educational projects and teach, travel for work and love, and enjoy meeting new people and incredible artists. When I’m not on stage or in a recording studio, I manage a beautiful villa in Italy with my family, and organise events. I’m a foodie, so cooking and pizza with friends is all I need! I’m thrilled to be joining TFF for the first time! 

Competitions team

Competitions team

Outi van treeCk

Competitions Coordinator

Moro! My name is Outi! Tampere is my birthplace and the starting point of my flute career. Since then, my music journey has taken me through Helsinki, Odense, London, and Salzburg. These days, I call Helsinki home and I work as an orchestra musician and educator in both Helsinki and Kotka. Since 2021, I’ve been working as Competitions Coordinator for TFF. Talk about inspiring work! I could have never guessed the amount of inspiration, excitement and new friends this work would give me. Beyond the stage and office, you’ll find me spending time with my family and friends, reading good books, dashing through jogging trails or swimming lanes, or relaxing at my summer cottage. Looking very much forward to seeing you all in Tampere next April!

Noora Karjalainen

Competitions Assistant

Moikka! I am Noora, TFF’s Competitions Assistant from 2022. I work as a flute teacher in Kotka at the Regional Music School and in Hamina at the South-East Coast of Finland. As a flute pedagogue I am continuously searching for new tools to help my students. Recently I have been studying the Suzuki Method as well as music therapy. Along with teaching, I am working as a freelance flutist and as a chamber musician. Early music is close to my heart and I also actively play baroque flute. In my free time I like to go for a walk on the seashore, listen to concerts and do various sports. Pilates and going to the gym are my favorite things to do at the moment, but sometimes you can find me running around festivals, helping in the production side of things like this past summer at the Baroque Festival in Kuopio!



Veera Leinonen

Membership Coordinator

Moi! I’m Veera and I’m currently living in Tampere, where I work as a flute teacher. I have been studying flute in Tampere and Graz and at the moment I’m finishing my bachelors degree in Musicology at the University of Helsinki. I have been part of TFF since 2022 and have enjoyed it a lot! My role as a Membership Coordinator is to take care of our lovely members! For me the most important thing in music is to play and explore new ideas together. In my free time I love to run and enjoy art in all forms. In 2025, I will be a part of organising the Ung Nordisk Musik Finland. I look forward to seeing all of you in Tampere next April! 

Jolanda ojanen

Staff Coordinator

Hei! I’m Jolanda and I work as a flute teacher at Palmgren Conservatory in Pori, Finland. During and after my studies in Lahti University of Applied Sciences, my flute journey took me to Stavanger, Norway for exchange and master studies. Norway gave me lifelong inspiration for music and flute playing, and I also fell in love with its grand nature. I get a lot of power, comfort and inspiration from nature and love spending my free time surrounded by it! In the many places I have lived, I have always found amazing people and musicians to work and spend time with. In summer 2023 I joined the fantastic TFF team and I’m very excited about the opportunity to create the upcoming flute festival together!

Jenni Ahonen

Board Secretary

Moi! I’m Jenni and I work as secretary for the TFF board. I am a flute teacher in several music schools in the western part of Finland, and this year I’m working as a theatre musician. I have been taking part in TFF since its first edition in 2020, and in 2021 became an official member of the team. I live in the countryside and relax by diving into the unique worlds of a good book. As a counterbalance to this I also enjoy travelling and spending time with my friends and members of my big family. 



Hanna Kinnunen

Youth Coordinator

Hei vaan! My name is Hanna, I’m a Finnish flutist based in Helsinki. At this point of my career, my heart is set on supporting young players in the often rocky way of becoming “accomplished” flutists. For me, performing is about communicating and sharing, even on the level of the technique of flute-playing. When we perform an intimate gesture of sighing, a violent burst of energy or a sweetly singing dolcissimo on the flute, we not only shape the nuances of flute tone but also draw upon our embodied experience of everyday communication. As a teacher, I draw from such images to support young flutists in understanding the connection between aspects of technique and playing as personal, bodily expression. As a performer, I have been shaped through my experience of ten years of full-time orchestra work, including six in the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Currently I am most active in the contemporary music field, performing in e.g. defunensemble, Zagros, CHANGEnsemble and Tulkinnanvaraista concert series. 

Paloma catala parga

Kids Coordinator

¡Hola! I’m Paloma, a Spanish flutist, music pedagoge and composer living in Tampere since 2019. I am a “muskari” and flute teacher at the Tampere Conservatory and Musiikkikoulu Uulu. I also have my own TV series with Pikku Kakkonen, which focuses on introducing music to kids as a universal language. I love being part of this team and interacting with inspiring people who further fuel my thirst for musical knowledge. Educational innovation, understanding how our brain learns music and creating a brighter future for the next generations is my driving force! When I’m not teaching, creating, or performing, I love riding my bike around the beautiful views of Tampere, enjoying nature with my family, and cheering for the local Ilves women’s hockey team!



Dr. Eftihia arkoudis

Marketing & Global Outreach Coordinator

Yiasou! My name is Eftihia, which means happiness in Greek. I am a chamber musician, music teacher, and arts entrepreneur currently based in the USA, where I am also a lecturer of Music Business. To replenish my energy, I connect with loved ones, meditate, dance, paint, or read a book. This is my first year joining the TFF team and I’m looking forward to TFF sparking your curiosity and empowering young flutists to thrive in today’s music world.

Anna MAria Tabaczyska

Góðan daginn! My name is Anna Maria and I’m a Polish flutist living in Iceland. I’m a travel enthusiast and breathing workout lover! I joined the TFF team because of the loving and truly supportive atmosphere this festival brings! In my spare time you can find me dipping in ice cold water or in the practice room!

LIVIA Schweizer

Ciao! I’m Livia! I was born in Pisa, raised next to the sea in Livorno, and since 2014 I live in Helsinki where I came to study and where I now work as a freelancer. The love for Finnish contemporary music is what brought me here, and new music is still a big and important part of my life with the flute. This year I joined the TFF team for the first time, and will now also start my artistic doctoral at the MuTri doctoral school in Sibelius Academy, where I’ll be focusing on how improvisation and the use of ‘non-conventional’ music notation can be used to bring together creative souls from different cultures and art fields. Thanks to the flute I have been traveling a lot in different continents. When not with the flute, you might find me on a long walk with my little dog Nina, in a coffee with dear friends, or recording sounds of birds and water for projects. 




Përshëndetje! I am Ëmbla! I’m 22 years old and I come from Kosovo. I’ve been playing the flute since I was 9 years old. I studied flute performance in Kosovo and recently graduated from the conservatory in Florence, Italy. Currently, I am back in Kosovo and working as a freelance musician.


Hola! My name is Janice and I’m a flutist from Puerto Rico. Currently, I’m completing my last semester of undergraduate studies in Flute Performance at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, while also completing a Certification in Education. I’ve had the opportunity of participating in various masterclasses and learning from flutists that I truly admire, while also winning prizes in competitions. 


Hi! I’m Deepti from New Jersey, USA. I did my Bachelors of Music in Flute Performance and minor in business at the University of Illinois. Currently I am pursuing my MM in Flute Performance and working as a Music Entrepreneurship Graduate Assistant. I enjoy commissioning new works and I’m passionate about serving the music community having interned with the National Flute Association, the Austin Chamber Music Center, and now TFF!


Nei hou! My name is Tak Him and I’m a flutist from Hong Kong. I recently graduated with my master degree from Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in Switzerland and am currently working as a freelance musician. I have a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Accounting and German from Hong Kong Baptist University and enjoy combining my different passions and experiences.

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