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TFF 2021

Events, Concerts, Winners

Winners of the

Young Artist Competition


Category A

1st Prize: Astrid Bjelland, Norway

2nd Prize: Yesung Kim, South Korea

3rd Prize: Ruth Pereira Medina, Venezuela


Category B

1st Prize: Fabian Johannes Egger, Germany

2nd Prize: Elizaveta Maksimova, Russia

3rd Prize: Ian Istomin, Russia


Category C

1st Prize: Elisa De Andrés, Switzerland

2nd Prize: Anna Maria Abarakov Kulyasova, Chile

2nd Prize: Seela Latonen, Finland

Winners of the

Flute Orchestral Competition


1st Prize: Anna Komarova, Russia

2nd Prize: Hanna Elisabeth Bernitt, Germany

3rd Prize: Léa Sicard Caggini, France

Winners of the

Piccolo Orchestral Competition


1st Prize: Anna Winter, Austria

2nd Prize: Anna Lydia Podmenik, Austria

3rd Prize: Sónia Patrícia Oliveira Pais, Portugal

Winners of the

Masterclass Competition


Kateryna Movchan, Russia

Lorenzo D’Anto, Italy

Gabriel Cruz, Puerto Rico/USA

Mitsuki Jacquet, France


Daniel Shao, UK

Cristian Casiraghi, Italy/USA

Anete Duntava, Latvia

Lucija Mikuž, Slovenia


Veera Leinonen, Finland

Daphne te Boekhorst, Netherlands/USA

Freya Frischknecht, Finland

Isabella Thorneycroft, UK

Winners of the

Flute Lovers Competition


1st Prize: Pertti Tuompo, Finland

2nd Prize: Jeffrey Mitchell, USA

3rd Prize: Atsuko Uda, Japan

Nordic Delights of the Flute

TFF 2021 brings a feast for the senses right to your doorstep, presenting a remarkable mixture of vibrant and dynamic events for all to enjoy, and highlighting top international artists in the field of music, media, culture and fashion.